Saturday, September 19, 2009

Poinsettia & White Lily Fundraisers

Many churches still decorate their sanctuary for Christmas and Easter with decorative flowers.  In particularly Poinsettias and White Lilies.  Also, many people decorate their homes with these same plants.


1)  Contact a local greenhouse about six months before each of these holidays and ask them if they sponsor non-profit fundraisers for these holidays.  (There are a couple in my area that do- although it requires a minimum order of 100- if you are a small church and this seems too much, try partnering with another church)

2)  If the company does not, ask them if they would consider it and talk through the options. (at the time of this post we purchase ours for $6.50 and sell for $10)

3)  If the terms are agreeable to you then you need to begin taking orders and have them returned by the deadline.  (ours must be in by the first of November)

  1. If you have some folks in your congregation that are retired that could go around to local business and take orders and then deliver them that would greatly increase your sales.

4)  Be sure to have a separate order sheet made up for people to take to work, give to family members, etc…

5)  Never be the one responsible for delivering the Poinsettias.  Always have those persons that take the orders to deliver them.  This will save you your sanity.

6) Some companies will have different size flowers to sell.  We only do one size for simplicity.  You will need to make that call on your own.

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