Monday, September 7, 2009

Omelet In A Bag

Ingredients Needed

1) Ziploc quart size freezer bags (one for each person)

2) Sharpie Marker

3) Large pot (for boiling water)

4) Tongs

5) Wooden Spoon

6) Grade-A large eggs or bigger (two for each person)

7) Variety of ingredients: 

Onions, Peppers, Ham, Bacon, Cheeses, tomatoes,turkey, anything else you can think of

8) Toppings

Hot sauce, Ketchup, Anything else you can think of


1) Fill your large pot about ¾ full with water

2) Bring the water to a rolling boil

While water is coming to a boil- do the following

3) Have each person write their name on one Ziploc freezer bag

4) Crack two eggs into each freezer bag (no more than two)

5) Select a variety of ingredients and add them to the freezer bag

6) Shake bag well (be sure ingredients are mixed well in the bag)

7) Carefully squeeze the air from the bag and zip the seal

8) Add bags to pot of rolling, boiling water

¤ you can usually get 6 – 8 omelets in a large pot…use another pot for more

9) Boil each bag for 13 minutes (longer if necessary)

¤ In some cases it may be necessary to hold bag under water with a wooden spoon for the top to completely cook

10) Open freezer bags and the omelet will easily roll out onto your plate

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