Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Digital Scavenger Hunt

submitted by LARRY WESTFALL

Before the day of the scavenger hunt you will need to make a few arrangements:
1)  Create a way for individuals to sign up so that you can have an accurate number of participants.
2)  Once you know the number of people that are participating you need to break the groups into even teams and arrange for each team to have transportation and a driver.  Make sure that each vehicle will hold the size of the group assigned to it.
3)  Arrange for each team to have a digital camera or cell phone to take pictures with.
4)  Prepare a list of wacky photos for each team to take with their camera/cell phone.  Each picture taken must include every member of the team except the person taking the photo.  Please e-mail me or post your list of photos below for all to see.

The Day of the Hunt
1)  Separate everyone into their groups.
2)  Make sure each team has a camera/cell phone and a list of photos to be taken.
3)  Let everyone know their driver and which vehicle they are assigned to.
4)  Set a time for each team to return to ground zero.
5)  Say Go! 

Wrap Up
1)  Order Pizza and have everyone come back to a big party.
2)  You could arrange for teams using cell phones to e-mail or text pictures to an address that can be accessed from ground zero and downloaded into a slideshow.  Have someone available with a multi-card reader for teams using digital cameras.  Pictures can be downloaded while everyone is eating and slideshow presentation can be done after the meal.

Extra Thoughts
    I like to use a list of 50 items so that I know it will take some effort to complete the list.
    I usually give 2 hours to complete the list
    This is a good way to get younger sibling or parents involved in an activity

Photo Suggestions
Will be posted soon
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Brian Richardson said...

Here's a list from the one we used in August for our All-Niter.


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